The results of the Girls MVC Championship:
Team Champion:  Monmouth
Team Runner-Up: Boothbay
1st Team All-Conference:
Alexa Allen, Monmouth
Peyton Estes, Madison
Holly Hunt, Monmouth
Sage Fortin, Winthrop
Julia Wells, Mt. Abram
Madison Forgue, Winthrop
Glory Blethen, Boothbay
2nd Team All-Conference
Allyson Lewis, Monmouth
Lidia Roy, Monmouth
Lily Day, Mt. Abram
Emerson Harris, Boothbay
Mackenzie Grant, Monmouth
Chloe Dwinal, Monmouth
Grace Campbell, Boothbay
Honorable Mention:
Olivea Bean, Hall-Dale
Julia Truesdell, Wiscasset
Emily Gilliam, Wiscasset
Abigail Wilcox, Mt. Abram
Naomi Obenhaus, Oak Hill
Lily Yeaton, Wiscasset
Madison Chase, Oak Hill
The results of the Boys MVC Championship are as follows:
MVC Champions:  Monmouth
MVC Runners-Up: Lisbon
1st Team All-Conference:
Aidan Laviolette, Lisbon
Joe Crocker, Monmouth
James Cognata, Winthrop
Hunter Burkhardt, Lisbon
Brosnan Comeau, Monmouth
Owen Libby, Dirigo
Joshua Gosselin, Oak Hill
2nd Team All-Conference:
Nathan Chatterton, Boothbay
Ostin Smith, Monmouth
Lucas Hardwick, Boothbay
Josiah Harper, Madison
Eric Drappeau, Hall-Dale
Ben Story, Monmouth
Hayden Luce, Monmouth
Honorable Mention:
Blaine Wilkins, Dirigo
Jeffrey Warnock, Mt. Abram
Max Boulet, Lisbon
Gryffin Kristen, Boothbay
Ryan Russell, Boothbay
Darien Davis, Lisbon
Graham Harris, Boothbay


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